Kelsey Rauber

Creative Director

New York


& Experience


Hi! I'm Kelsey Rauber. Raised among the sweeping alps of Switzerland and now based in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York, I pass my time as a writer, digital designer, and Creative Director striving to create impact and change through storytelling.

With a strategic and inventive approach to creative leadership, I provide overarching support in brand management, marketing, communications, event planning, fundraising, and social media. I can be described as an advocate and champion of my teams, creating an equitable atmosphere for every voice to be heard and respected.

I am also driven by a passion for creativity in other areas, having spent the last decade excelling in the fields of music and film. As the co-owner of an independent production company, I have written and produced a full-length feature, several short films, and a web series — works for which she has received multiple filmmaking and screenwriting awards. In her spare time, I have been successful in learning the software framework React Native as well as the Swift programming language in order to create new and exciting apps specifically designed to entertain and educate the LGBTQ+ community.


Lead on pulse testing efforts resulting in a highly effective Times Square ad

Spearheaded creative efforts for company rebrands for successful transformation of MHA of NYC to Vibrant Emotional Health and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Co-initiated and led the establishment of the first affinity group in collaboration with fellow employees, resulting in active participation in NYC Pride and demonstrating a commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity within the organization.

Winner of Best Social Awareness and Best Screenplay - Affliction (writer/producer)

Grand Prize Award - Comedy Competition, New York Screenplay Contest
Winner: Best Produced Screenplay
Nominated: Best Comedy Feature, Best LGBTQ Film, Audience Choice Award, Nominated for Best Picture

- About a Donkey (writer/producer)





Since 2018, I have had the privilege of being the creative force behind Vibrant's annual report, leading the charge in transitioning our operations to a fully digital space by 2020. Through my innovative approach, I strategically incorporated compelling video content and an engaging UX interface to maximize visibility and drive successful donation efforts.

UI Design, Webflow, Concept

360 Campaign Development


I've developed comprehensive 360-degree campaign in collaboration with the Vibrant communications team, encompassing various channels such as web, social media platforms, and out-of-home.
I've played a key role in crafting a well-rounded campaign that leveraged various marketing channels to achieve optimal results and reinforce the brand's presence and impact. I also spearheaded pulse testing for our national programs to assure our messaging is presented in the best way possible.

Campaign Ideation, Web Integration

CongestedCat Productions


As the co-owner of an award-winning production company based in New York, I bring extensive experience and success to my role. Beginning my journey with CongestedCat in 2014 as a location scout, I quickly expanded my skills to include screenwriting. In 2016, I became a co-owner of the business, contributing to its continued growth and recognition.

Since joining CongestedCat, our company has achieved remarkable success, receiving numerous prestigious awards. Notably, my feature screenplay garnered recognition for "Best Comedy Script" and "Best Produced Screenplay," underscoring my dedication to the craft.

Screenwriting, video directing, production

Coding + game development


I have actively pursued learning various coding languages, with a particular focus on Javascript. This dedication to self-improvement led me to develop an engaging and popular fan-fiction Lesbian-history trivia game, which has garnered over 3k downloads without any active promotion. The success of my trivia game showcases my proficiency in coding and my knack for developing appealing content that resonates with a wide audience.As I continue to explore new coding languages and further enhance my skills, I am excited to bring my expertise and passion to future projects, creating captivating digital experiences that resonate with users and drive engagement.

Javascript, react native, HTML Css


Concept development
Innovative thinking
Design thinking
Team management
Performance coaching
Oral and written communication
Presentation skills
Active listening
Marketing strategy development
Brand positioning
Adobe Creative Suite
Video production and editing
Web development
Stakeholder management
Conflict resolution
Agility and flexibility
Learning agility


Amara Yukti is a digital creator born in Peru. Her work revolves around poetry, exploration of art and music. Currently Designer at Flowstudio. Available for hire.