Kelsey Rauber

'Weirdest Year Yet' or 'On an AI Journey'

The story of anything

A: What's going on here?
K: The page is under construction.
A: Again?
K: I know.
A: When will it be finished?
K: Your guess is as good as mine.
A: Jeesh.
K: I'd say sorry but I've decided in 2023 I'd apologize less.
A: Understandable.
K: Yeah.
A: I guess I'll be back.
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Kelsey Rauber


Raised among the sweeping alps of Switzerland and now based in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York, ​​Kelsey Rauber is a writer, designer, and Creative Director striving to create impact and change through storytelling.

With a strategic and inventive approach to creative leadership, Kelsey provides overarching support in brand management, marketing, communications, event planning, fundraising, and social media. Kelsey can be described as an advocate and champion of her teams, creating an equitable atmosphere for every voice to be heard and respected.

Kelsey is also driven by a passion for creativity in other areas, having spent the last decade excelling in the fields of music and film. As the co-owner of an independent production company, Kelsey has written and produced a full-length feature, several short films, and a web series — works for which she has received multiple filmmaking and screenwriting awards. In her spare time, Kelsey has been successful in learning the software framework React Native as well as the Swift programming language in order to create new and exciting apps specifically designed to entertain and educate the LGBTQ+ community.

Web Design
Integrated Media Campaigns
Screenwriting/Film Production


Creative Strategy

UX/UI Design


Lived Experience First


Concept development
Innovative thinking
Design thinking
Team management
Performance coaching
Oral and written communication
Presentation skills
Active listening
Marketing strategy development
Brand positioning
Adobe Creative Suite
Video production and editing
Web development
Stakeholder management
Conflict resolution
Agility and flexibility
Learning agility

Under the CongestedCat umbrella, Kelsey has gone on to write and produce numerous award-winning shorts. Kelsey’s award-winning feature film "About a Donkey" is now available on Vimeo, and Seed&Spark.
In 2018, Kelsey made her directorial debut with the short film ‘Revelations’.
Her most recent award-winning short,  ‘Affliction,’ is now available to watch online.

Creative Director

Dedicated to making the world a better place

"I want to communicate. I do; every artist does. That's why you're an artist." -Wayne White

Creative Director
Web Enthusiast

Kelsey loves all things web and web design. In 2017, she combined my love for lesbian history and javascript and created this lesbian trivia app that has a subplot based on an alternate (fan-fictionalized) version of the movie Carol.

Carol App First Question
Carol App infomration Descrption
Carol App Level 2 Screenshot
Kelsey Rauber
Creative Director
Web Enthusiast