About a Donkey
About a Donkey
 is about growing up & growing old, and finding love & laughter along the way. The film follows the Owens family: Ann & Tim, their 3 adult children, Cecilia, Burgh, and Annie (and her husband Paul), and matriarch Farrah. When Tim brings home a donkey in a mixture of wanting to rescue both it and himself, things are shaken up in each of the characters' lives.

Two Gays & a Girl (pilot) (post-production)
When life gives you roommates, make friends. From the creators that brought you 'Kelsey, the webseries,' comes a comedy about Timothy, Amy & Denise.

Not Our Living Room (Short) (2015)
Jake, more responsible & cautious older brother to Chris, carefree go-getter, are getting ready for their moms' anniversary dinner. But things take an ominous turn when they try to leave the livingroom.

We Had Plans (Short) (2015) 
Diana, casually dating women and kind of lonely, and Liz, currently in a longterm relationship with boyfriend Dylan, are two adult sisters who love and respect each other more than anyone else in the world. But their future plans are tested upon receiving news. 

Kelsey (Web Series) (writer - 9 episodes, 2013) (written by - 1 episode, 2014) 
A freshly dumped lesbian tries to navigate through life, love and awkardness with the help of her best friends.

**Making Things Work (2014) ... (creator) / (written by)
**Drive Through (2013) ... (creator) / (writer)
**Bluffing (2013) ... (creator) / (writer)
**Hanging Out Without You (2013) ... (creator) / (writer)
**Uhaul-er (2013) ... (creator) / (writer)
**A Best Friend's Birthday (2013) ... (creator) / (writer)
**Shopping in Groups (2013) ... (creator) / (writer)
**WWWdating? (2013) ... (creator) / (writer)
**Don't Hit Send (2013) ... (creator) / (writer)
**Palette Cleanser (2013) ... (creator) / (writer)


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